Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

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Berlin Germany

Capital city of Germany, Berlin is one of the most thrilling and the most historic place in Germany and in Europe. No other German city has more "visible" history to offer, despite all the scars of WW2 and the division during Cold War times. No other German city has such a rich cultural life. Berlin's architecture is quite varied. It is now possible to see representatives of many different historic periods in a short time within the city center, from a few surviving medieval buildings near Alexanderplatz, to the ultra-modern glass and steel structures at Potsdamer Platz. Because of its tumultuous history, Berlin remains a city with many distinctive neighborhoods. Belin has so many faces. It is attractive, cosmopolitan, multicultural and multiethnic city with very friendly locals and lots to do and see.
Recommended airport
Berlin-Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER)
Points of interest
  • Victory Column
  • Oranienburger Str.
  • Soviet War Memorial Tiergarten
Nearby destinations
  • Potsdam a 26.52 km
  • Pankow a 8.30 km
  • Wedding a 6.00 km
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